Become an Area Coordinator

The Area Coordinator’s Role

What is involved?

Area Coordinators are independent contractors who manage their own time and resources in providing contracted services. They may work from home. They receive stipends throughout the academic year as they cooperate with NWSE staff to provide their services, which include:

  • Recruiting volunteer host families, helping with their applications and matching students
  • Securing school admission for their students
  • Conducting in-home interviews with hosts and performing reference checks
  • Conducting student and host family orientations
  • Submitting monthly reports to NWSE, based on regular contact with the students and host families
  • Assisting NWSE in resolving problems when needed

Local Coordinators may wear a few different hats, among which are: Host family recruiter; community builders; youth supervisor; informal event organizer; NWSE representative, etc.

Successful Academic Coordinators are good communicators and enjoy working with people. They are caring, responsible, and organized individuals who communicate (and listen) well, and can effectively resolve problems. They work well both independently and collaboratively, set themselves attainable goals, and work effectively to attain them.

Why Contract with NWSE?

NWSE is committed to you and to our students. NorthWest Student Exchange (NWSE) has been providing quality student exchange programs since 1987. We are committed to providing each student and host family with individual attention and support to help create rewarding exchange experiences.

If you ever have any question, issue or problem that may arise, we are there for you, 24-7, to help out! Our Seattle headquarters team, including Regional Managers, is a great group of people dedicated to the success of each individual exchange student’s program, and to supporting each of our area coordinators.

All of our program coordinators have significant experience living or studying abroad. Many of our local coordinators have also hosted exchange students themselves. We firmly believe our programs build international friendships and understanding and give students unparalleled opportunities for learning and personal growth.

NWSE is a U.S. Department of State-designated high school student exchange program and has consistently maintained full listing with the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).

We know what it is like to be an exchange student and host one. All of our program coordinators have experience living or studying abroad, often on exchange programs, and many of our local coordinators have hosted exchange students themselves. We firmly believe in the potential of our programs to build international friendship and understanding as well as to give students an unparalleled opportunity for learning and personal growth.

I’m interested – please give me more information!

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